Grandmaster Lev Psakhis

Former Champion of USSR, Two times champion of Israel

I had worked with Gopal in my capacity as the trainer of the Indian Men's team in Chess Olympiads of Dresden (2008), Khanty-Mansiysk (2010), World Team Championship, Bursa ( 2010) and the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Moreover, we also had a personal session in Cochin in 2008. Gopal is a strong Grandmaster and has a sound understanding of chess classics. I wish him all the very best.

Grandmaster P Harikrishna

India no 2, Former World Junior Champion,"Arjuna Awardee"

Gopal has been my team mate (in BPCL team) for 10 years! We had been part of the Indian team which won the Bronze medal in the 2010 Asian Games. He has a fine eye for tactics and works hard to improve his chess skills

Grandmaster Koneru Humpy

Women's World Rapid Champion, 'Arjuna Awardee', 'Padmashri'

Gopal is a very self disciplined,dedicated and hardworking person and moreover a good human being with wonderful singing abilities

Grandmaster Wang Hao

"World No 12 (Elo 2763) Winner of FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2019"

(One of the contestants of the 2020 Candidates Tournament), Winner of Biel Masters 2011

Gopal is a great tactical player. He is also very cool when facing difficult situations, and can always find nice ideas with little time left on the clock

Grandmaster Sandipan Chanda

Second of Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand (for World Chess Championship 2013)

In the year 2003 I was in Calicut to attend a training camp by the world-renowned coach Evegeny Vladimirov. Along with several famous players from all over India, attending was a boy (from the host state of Kerala) named G.N. Gopal who was unknown to us. This boy surprised all by analysing to perfection, the opposite Bishop ending from the game Makarychev- Averbakh, Lvov 1973. GM Praveen Thipsay, who was present, remembered that when a young Karpov solved this ending, GM Averbakh predicted that Karpov would someday be the world chess champion! Over the years I spent a lot of time with Gopal and got to know him well. I was awestruck by his phenomenal memory. That someone not only remembers the games of top players by heart, but he also remembers the individual scores between them was something of a revelation to me! I also played a lot of games in various tournaments with Gopal. Without showing the courage to remember our score, let me just say that each game with Gopal served as a valuable chess lesson to me. Gopal has always been a huge talent. He is someone who can make it really big in the days to come.

Sundararajan Kidambi


Grandmaster Gopal has been known to me right from the time he was a promising teen talent. I have seen him develop his game to a strong Grandmaster level from there as I was also his team mate for around 10 years in our organization (BPCL)!.
His style of play is dynamic and initiative seeking, and he has produced lots of games that have interested the amateurs and Grandmasters alike. I can also recall his contribution to opening theory as being quoted by such an expert as Anish Giri! His erudition and knowledge of the history and classics of the game is second to none and it is wonderful to know that he has decided to share his chess knowledge with the public. I wish him the best for all his endeavors’ and this website in particular

S.Arun Prasad


Gopal had been one of my teammates in many prestigious events including the World Team Championship (Bursa 2010). My knowledge of Gopal is that he gives his best to whatever endeavour he is involved with. He has played tournaments all over the world and has beaten some of the best players in Chess. His expertise in chess would certainly be beneficial for the upcoming talents.

Ruslan Scherbakov


I first met G.N.Gopal in 2002 in the city of Calicut. Since then he grew up from a gifted young boy with utter devotion to chess to a very strong Grand Master. He is an intelligent and highly respected person in Indian chess community. I wish him all the best.